We believe architecture is an amalgamation of Art & Design

Maksh Architects is an Architectural and Interior Design Firm with prominence in the verticals of Institutional design,commercial spaces, residential design, villa layouts, hospitality projects and industrial architecture.

Founded in the year 2013 in Hosur, Maksh Architects is today among the best architecture and interior design firms of Hosur. With a young and motivated team, Maksh Architects has carved a niche in the field of imaginative yet efficient architectural and interior design across southern cities of India, with extensive works in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore.

Maksh Architect’s expertise lies in its young and vibrant architect’s team, who generates unconventional ideas and creative architectural designs, thereby offering customized services to the clients. Modern design thoughts infused with contemporary styling with a well-fabricated project plans is one of the main strengths of Maksh Architects. The team believes that a humanistic understanding and approach forms the basis for design and great client relationship.

Our best architects and designers are offering wide array of services for a full spectrum of projects ranging from site planning, 3d modelling, interior space planning, incorporation of corporate identity, incorporation of services like electrical, plumbing, HVAC and automation. Maksh Architects also takes a keen interest in the creation of affordable modern contemporary buildings.

Behind The Scenes

A Team of Bright Professionals


Mr. Pradeep Raj, Managing Partner of Maksh Architects drives the firm by adopting many creative associates and designers to reconcile the principles underlying architectural design with rapid technological, advancement and the modernization of society by having background in PGD in (Interior Designing) from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He clearly manages, the flow of transformation between “Design to Implementation”

Save you time

Whatever your profession or occupation — company manager, owner of a small business, executive of a trade association — your time is valuable. Presumably you don’t want to spend it by standing for long hours near the on-going project when you have many other priorities. By hiring us, u save blood, sweat and tears — yours.

Apply specialized knowledge

We can apply our knowledge and experience in architecture, designing, interiors, real estate and other areas to help you create a thoughtful, insightful living. In the end, all you expect is a clean structure, good design and a dream living. We can help.

Meet your deadlines

We are used to working under deadline pressures. We can help you to complete projects on time, or deal with emergencies such as a project that needs to be completely changed, and quickly.

Polish your efforts

If you have completed a rough draft of your project, we can organize the structure, tighten the design, clear up ambiguities, adapt the right style and tone and complete what you began.

Save you money

If you took on a project for your company, your employer would pay you. If you own a business, you would pay yourself. In either case, it may cost less to hire us to get the result you want.